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Fall in Love with Home.

Timeless Interiors that Bring Your Vision of Home to Life

Home is your sanctuary.

The dream you have for your home can be a reality. I help you reinvigorate the love for your home with timeless interior design.

A place of respite

after a long day in the real world

A space to  


while doing arts and crafts with your kids or grandkids

A place to


a crackling fire, a glass of wine, and your favorite movie on a Friday evening

Rug Selection

Your home is a place for you. 

A place to savor alone and exuberantly share with others in the joy of making memories together. 

Now, what if I told you coming home can be even better?

I help my clients transform their homes into havens they can’t wait to wake up to each day, live in, and enjoy even more. I get to know you and your individual preferences. I want to hear about your big visions and dreams for your home, and then I create a timeless design unique to you.


What’s Your Vision of Home? 

Are you one part SPUNK and one part nostalgic?

Are you a blend of quirky and creative?

Are you drawn to all things  colorful yet classy?

Is whimsy your middle name?

You have a love for all things artistic, beautiful, and sometimes quirky, but you’re not quite sure how to make your preferences work in a space. 


You understand the value of having a home you love to be in and the importance of timeless interior design that stands the test of time. 


You have your own tale to tell, a rich story, and unique history you want to be woven into your design through sentimental pieces, thoughtfully-chosen works of art, and treasures that have been passed down through generations. 


If this is you, I can already tell we’ll get along! 


Together, we’ll create your very own version of perfection at home (while having a lot of fun along the way)! 

Sally-Sotnek-Interior-Design-Chinoiserie-Wallpaper (1)_edited.jpg

Are You Ready to Create Your Vision of Home?

Full-Service Interior Design

Timeless Interior Design for the busy people (you know who you are) who’d prefer to hand their project off and have me work my magic without you having to lift a finger! What will I design first for you? A relaxing sunroom or the whole house?

Color Consultations

Were cassette tapes still a thing last time your home was painted? Did you just move in and aren’t wild about the existing colors? My Color Consultation service will make your home feel brand new with color choices that reflect you.


Need an S.O.S from frustration, overwhelm, and confusion with a design project?

My Design Direction consultation is for you

if you're ready for a complete plan for your space so you can see the path forward and confidently take action!