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Color Consultation Service:
Make Your Home Feel Brand New. 

Enliven your space with a Color Expert by your side.

Were cassette tapes still a thing last time your home got a paint update? Perhaps you just bought a new house and the colors are still reflective of the former owners, so it doesn’t exactly feel like home yet. Or maybe you look around and every room’s color is tired, dull, and beige and you’re really more of a bright, colorful type. 


If you’re sick of the 1980’s look and feel, or the Tuscan colors the kitchen came with just aren’t inspiring you to do your best cooking, I can help! 


My Paint Color Consultations are a great way to refresh and enliven your home and bring  the personality of YOU into your interior design. 


Choosing paint colors without a color expert by your side can be overwhelming.


There are far more than fifty shades of grey, and you’re not sure what actually goes with what without clashing. Plus, you probably have some personal pieces to incorporate into the color scheme. 


I bring a strong background in interior design, an understanding of color psychology, and work collaboratively with you to discover the vision you have for your home and bring it to life. You will gain clarity, confidence, and the information you need to hire the painter and take action towards transformation.

Ready to get started?

The next step is to contact me! Fill out the form on my Contact Page and we’ll book a call to set up a time for your two-hour color consultation.

Client Testimonial

“Sally worked with me to redesign my tired 1990's style great room. She has an excellent color sense and was able to work in a good deal of my existing furniture and artwork. My interior design style is eclectic, and she was able to give my room a much-needed updated look while changing my fireplace facade and including my treasured family heirloom pieces all within my budget.”

- Laurie C, Georgetown MA

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