Pricing at Sally Sotnek Interior Design follows the same model as the design process in that it is transparent and uncomplicated.

Initial Consultations generally last one hour and are billed at $200.  You will receive loads of great ideas in that time!

Color Consultations typically take 2 hours and cost $400.  This time is sufficient to choose colors for an average 4 bedroom house.

Designer for a Day is 5 hours of collaborative furniture and artwork rearranging, paint selection, sourcing or shopping!  Comprehensive notes provided.  This service is for DIYers and people who like to roll up their sleeves. $1000

Full Service Design is for busy people who would prefer to hand off their projects and have everything happen for them.  Pricing is hourly at $200 or can be priced by the project.  

2D Drawings and 3D Renderings vary in price depending on complexity.  A furnished family room takes approximately 3 - 5 hours, whereas a kitchen can take 8 - 12 hours. 

There is no charge for travel within 40 minutes each way.  Additional travel time is billed at the hourly rate.

51 Bailey Lane, Georgetown MA 01833