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Full-Service Creative Interior Design:
It’s Your Turn.

I’m an Eclectic Interior Designer who can see the picture of what you want for your home, and paint it for you!

You’ve been taking care of everyone else for years. It’s time to focus on the dream you have for your home.

Let’s Bring Your Vision of Home to Life

When I say full-service, I mean full-service!


I’ll handle your interior design project from start to finish, from light fixtures to wastebaskets (I even make sure the towels are folded beautifully).

I take time to understand your style preferences and taste and I listen to your story to hear what matters most to you. Then, I intuitively and expertly weave your history, personality, and aesthetic into my design. Whether your flavor is modern, farmhouse, eclectic, or industrial, I design your home to be however you define it!

I take on a limited number of projects so each of my clients gets me showing up my very best! When we work together, I give you my full attention! 

My full-service interior design option is for you if: 


You’re looking for an anything-but-cookie-cutter approach to the interior design in your home


You want someone to listen deeply, understand your vision, and work collaboratively with you to bring the feelings you crave in your home to life


You want the design process taken off your plate by someone who’s responsive, thoughtful, calm, enthusiastic, and handle your project reliably, every step of the way! 

Ready to get started?

Fill out a quick questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your project and what rooms you’d love to see transformed. We will talk about your style, your dreams, and the result you want for your home.

Client Testimonial

“Sally is absolutely wonderful to work with. I had a good idea of the design/style that I wanted for the guest bath but needed help with the layout and style of the primary. She gave me so many great ideas that I would've never thought of. She understood my style aesthetic and it was so nice to be able to consult with her to allow me to feel more confident about the choices I’d made. The design I decided on was one I would've never thought of and it allowed the best use of the space. She did a thoughtful, thorough consult with no strings attached. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!”

- Marianne R, Boxford MA

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