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An Expert By Your Side.

Tackle your DIY interior design projects with ease.

As a sustainably-minded interior designer, these things come easily and naturally to me! But for most of the people I speak with, design is overwhelming and complicated. 


There are lots of “what ifs…” and “should I’s or shouldn’t I’s?” There are doubts, fears of making a mistake, and sometimes just not quite knowing where to begin!


Allow me to help you with your project with access to my interior design brain and my expertise by your side!


Designer-for-a-Day gives you five hours of my collaborative support and comprehensive notes for any necessary follow-up. This is perfect for the DIY-er who wants to be part of the process and doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves, but could use a little help getting started and making design decisions!

My Designer-for-a-Day option is for you if:


You’re looking for an anything-but-cookie-cutter approach to the interior design in your home.


You want someone to listen deeply, understand your vision, and work alongside you, collaboratively to bring the feelings you crave in your home to life.


You need help rearranging artwork, picking out paint, sourcing materials, shopping, and making fabric choices.


You’re looking for a more sustainable interior design in your home and aren’t sure what to repurpose and what to toss.

Ready to get started?

The next step is to contact me! Fill out the form on my Contact Page and we’ll book a call so I can learn more about you and your project and share how I can help!

Client Testimonial

“Sally consulted with me on many facets of the design and execution of upgrades to kitchen, bath, and living spaces in my new home in coastal New Hampshire. Her trained artist eye knows color and dimension to an exquisite degree. She was very easy to work with, taking cues from me as a client as to how much to change, and what design elements could be left alone according to my taste. Sally’s tactful, honest, and forthright, and keeps expenses in mind for clients on a budget.  I would highly recommend Sally for all design and consultation engagements.”

- Eileen G, Hampton Falls NH

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